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Lund University’s Political and Economic Association (Lupef) is a politically and religiously independent association for students of political science or other affiliated educations at Lund University. The purpose of the association is to offer these students a social network, provide education surveillance and stimulate political and economic debate. Today Lupef has around 600 members, and completed membership of those who graduate is compensated by the Novice period which is arranged at the beginning of each semester and forms the association’s largest and most important recruitment base. 

The association consists of the presidium and eight committees: the Social Committee, the Debate and Lecture Committee, the Education Committee, the Travel Committee, the Novice Committee, the Enterprise Committee, the Communication Committee and the editorial staff of our student magazine Panorama.

Each committee is responsible for a certain part of the association. While the Social Committee organizes social events of different kinds, the Debate and Lecture committee and the Education Committee arrange debates, lectures and panel discussions. The Novice committee is in charge of our large novice period that takes place each semester and the editorial staff of our student magazine Panorama writes for the magazine and participates in our podcast Poddorama. The Enterprise Committee manages Lupefs external relations and the Communication Committee is responsible for the marketing and communication of the association. 

Each term the Travel Committee organizes trips for members of Lupef to destinations of political and economic interest. The travellers get the opportunity to participate in scheduled visits, such as meetings with embassies, non-profit organizations and local political representatives. The purpose of these trips is to learn more about relevant social issues and gain new inspiring experiences. Examples of travel destinations in recent years are Belgrade, Moscow, The Hague, Minsk, Yerevan, Istanbul and Kiev. Occasionally the committee also arranges trips to nearby destinations in Sweden and Denmark.

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Adrian Edelborg, President:
Erik Holmgren, Head of the Travel Committee: